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Well, 301 is simple everyone starts out with their own score (301).  The object of the game is to get to exactly 0.  Each dart you throw and that scores subtracts points from your score.

Example:  Hit a 20, 15, and a Bullseye, then your score would drop down to 216.

If you hit a number that will take you into negative numbers when subtracting, you bust, and your number returns to the same one as when you started the round.

Example:  Need a 5  and hit a 12, you bust and next round you will still need a 5.

Also since it is being played with teams, four players shoot in each game.  First person to go out wins.


Freezing occurs when your teammate has more points then your opponents two scores combined.  When you are froze, you cannot go out, otherwise you lose.

Example:  You have a chance to go out.  Your partner has 90 points, and your opponents have 41 and 23.  41+23=64 and 64 < 90, so you are frozen and cannot go out, but can get down to 1 if you choose to.