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Cricket is a game where you shoot at the following numbers:  20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, and Bullseyes.
You need THREE of each number to close that number out.  The object of the game is to close out all the numbers and have more points than your opponents.

If you close out a number and your opponent hasn't closed that number out yet, then you can score points on it.

Example:  If your 20's are closed and your opponent's are not, then if you hit a twenty,  you get 20 points, a double twenty, you get 40 points, and a triple twenty, you get 60 points.

Bullseyes are different in this game, depending on the dartboard.  The ones we use if you hit a bullseye in the middle, it is worth two bullseyes, and if you hit the bullseye in the outer ring, it is worth one.  Bullseyes are only worth 25 points in this game.